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W12.07 Guest Post From Victoria Stanham in Reply to My Case Study...

Victoria, a newly qualified teacher, takes us on a lovely journey - personalizing the 12 steps into how she has worked them in her own practice. The result is a snapshot of a dedicated teacher just starting out in a new market with a fierce dedication and determination. This girl will make it, I am sure! Good on you Victoria…


Wow! Where to start? Thank you first and foremost, not just for your overview of my case, but for the full 12 week course and for everything that has come before and will surely come after.

I’ve had the privilege of watching almost the whole course unfold and every other case-study analyzed before my own. This means I’ve had the opportunity to learn, be inspired and apply a lot of the knowledge you and all other course participants have shared in these past 12 weeks.

So, this is where I’m at on the 12 step plan…

Success Drivers
I want to make money, lots of it. There, I’ve said it. The minute I say it openly and publicly I can feel my insides knot up. There are stories related to this that I need to undo before this wish can blossom into its full potential.

There’s also this vision of the work we do that has risen from deep within me and out into the light in the past few weeks. It had been gestating in the dark all through my training and it’s finally ready to be born. I’ve a burning desire to communicate it, to share it, to spread it. It would have never showed itself so clearly if I hadn’t started blogging about it. Somehow the simple process of spelling it out in public and for all to see helped me see it too. It has given my work both roots and wings.

This one keeps morphing. I’m interested in helping anyone who is willing to embark in the epic journey of meeting their true self and bringing it out into the light. I’m confident that as my vision takes shape and I begin to understand what it is that I am offering, the group of people who want to receive what I’ve got to give will become clearer and clearer, and I’ll be able to speak to them in words they can understand.

Montevideo, Uruguay is good enough for now. I’m not too sure about its benefits as a potential market for a big expansion later on. Uruguayans err on the conservative side, we are a tough market to break into (or at least that’s my story about us). Everyone here knows everyone else, or at least knows someone who knows someone connected to you. It’s like instead of having 6 degrees of separation we’ve got 2 degrees or less. For now, I’m good where I am. Tomorrow, who knows… I like to travel as long as I have somewhere to return to.

Service Product
This is slowly taking shape. I was trained “classically”, with tables and chairs galore. I still use them as a staple part of my practice, but I’ve started really asking and listening for my pupils’ true needs and desires… and have been wonderfully surprised. As long as the atmosphere is safe and fun, any procedure works. After all, we help uncover principles of use and functioning, not exercises.

It’s much easier to connect with mentors when one finally knows what one wants.

List Building
I started blogging and ran my first introductory workshop (with some colleagues) last weekend. That’s as far as I could get in the 12 weeks since the course started, but the ball is already rolling. With a fellow colleague we’re planning a series of workshops for a niche she’s interested in tapping. Although it’s not my primary niche, I enjoy the opportunity to build my workshop skills, meet people and learn to listen for those “hidden powers that motivate students”.

Tell Your Story
I started writing The Story of Me yesterday, how it is that I got hooked onto the Technique. It had never been clear to me before; frankly I had no clue why I kept coming back for more, loving and hating it in equal parts. None of the typical stories of “love at first sight” with the Technique seemed to describe my process. And still I took lessons on-and-off for almost six years and then trained to become a teacher, put in all that effort and time and commitment. It was only yesterday, a little over a year after graduation, that I suddenly saw the big picture. I won’t expound on it here, it will all be on my blog in the coming weeks.

Front-End/Back-End Business
Loved your sister’s idea! I’d actually thought about doing something just like that all through my training but was too scared to implement it upon graduation. Perhaps now’s the time…

Undoing Stories That Bind You
This one goes on forever. I believe that our work is all about this anyway, so I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, and I love it.

Marketing and Sales Funnel
No clear path here yet. I look forward to mapping out those 9 steps you promised for next week and putting together a proposal for your next course.

There is an epic journey to my story… I only just realized this yesterday.

Joint Venture & Affiliate Deals
You know Jeremy, I might eventually take you up on BodyChance Latin America. Not now, too soon. I need to find my own feet first, define my mission and my vision, give shape to my service product, establish a working front end, find my niche.

Once again, thank you every so much for your time, patience, perseverance and passion. It has been a true inspiration on my journey.

TOMORROW: The course has ended, or has it? Wait and see…

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