Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

It’s 21.09 on April 30th 2013 and I am finally sitting down to write my goodbye post at this site.

If you have arrived here by word of mouth, or search, this blog has a rich and diverse archive of over 300,000 words on how to make a successful career as a teacher of Alexander Technique. You can spend many fruitful hours browsing my 12 Step Plan for Financial Success As A Teacher of the Alexander Technique.

I have a facebook page, or you can click here and sign up for a free email seminar on my 12 Steps.

In this blog you will find the full version of these ideas, 12 case studies of Alexander Technique teachers, and lots of practical ideas and suggestions for getting more financial oomph into your teaching practice.

Of course I am still coaching – but not here any more.

I have opened up a new membership site, sign up for the email series and I will put you in touch with it.  I have already built a strong community of teachers. To be part of this community, you first need to join my mailing list.

Once on my mailing list you will receive emails about the 12 Steps, and the other options you have.

You can also study my 12 Steps in this blog’s archives. Please start doing my 12 Step Plan. You will be asked to articulate your own plan in how your practice is going now as a condition of joining my membership site. 

What Is The Course Going To Show Me?
Has anyone ever systematically taught you how to make your Alexander Technique practice work: how to find pupils? how to market and sell? how to build your retirement?

You can learn it here for free.

I am running a continuous online course – and it has been, and continues to be, free. It won’t stay free forever, so take this opportunity while it still exists. I promise that you will be so glad you did. Teachers who have been studying with me are already saying things like…

Kit Racette says…
“You can have no idea how much your series has unblocked my process…
All sorts of things are finally coming together with no effort on my part. It is organic as I allow it to happen. A large part of this is getting out of my own way - another very AT idea!!”

Angela Bradshaw says…
“The 'money' phenomenon has surprised me the most: it truly is a very accurate barometer of how the business is going. I thank you for that too hugely. Clarity has come quickly when I measure all business related actions to their financial status.  It all becomes very simple!

“I have mentally walked away from my alternate weekly morning sessions I’d been doing: it was costing me too much and not delivering what it promised. I know I don't need it, so I don't waste my time on it anymore 'trying' to make it work. The question is clear much more quickly now again based on the financial numbers.  Phew!

“So, in awe of your work. Looking forward to the group for honest and open sharing and learning. No longer worried about The Alexander Police! Confident in my own 'style' being good enough for me!

Great stuff!  Inspiring +++”


So right now, the only way to get in is to sign up to read about my 12 Step Plan. 

See you over there, where my adventure course continues…

Jeremy Chance,
Meguro. 21.37
April 29th, 2013.

PS: Remember - join my mail list on my 12 Step Plan. If that is too much trouble for you, then maybe this course is not for you? But if you are motivated, and you do want to increase your income from Alexander Technique, then go join my mail list and see what comes next. It’s an adventure – why not? The only thing you could lose is ending up with what you already have!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Tale Of Trust and Vulnerability

Years ago in Sydney, I woke up in the bed of a strange man.

It’s not what you are thinking - it was the strange man’s bed, not the strange man, that I woke up with. He was sleeping in my bed in another country. And here I was with my wife and two daughters, living in his home, driving his car, sleeping in his bed, using his bathroom – and I did not even know what his face looked like.

I only found that out when I woke up, looked across the room, and saw him in a photo with his wife on their wedding day. How could this be possible?

We were doing home exchange. He was sleeping in my bed in Kyoto. He was driving my car. He was looking at my wedding photos. We trusted each other, because both of us were made vulnerable by the other’s actions.

This is the principle I am using to design my new membership website. To get in, you need to be vulnerable and open, willing to share, willing to be honest. I may not be charging you money yet, but I am actually making it much harder than paying money!


I want to make a secure little corner in the world where we can share our dreams, visions and concerns - without the bright lights of the internet on us. The way I do this is by making it a condition of entry that you share your Self, share your story, and be willing for others to see you. Some people are feeling exasperated by my insistence on this process…

Yesterday I got a email from one teacher who wrote: “I don't have the time to participate how you wish and don't feel inclined to make my story PUBLIC and used by you!”

I understand that feeling, and that person made the right decision not to participate. If you don’t have the time to work ON your business, because you are so busy working IN your business, then you probably don’t need my course. You are already doing very well. Congratulations.

However, I got another email from a teacher who said in effect: “I am a successful teacher, and I was reading your blog thinking it was for unsuccessful teachers. But I slowly realized that I could do much, much better.”

That is what is means to work ON your business, as opposed to just working IN your business. So that is what my next course is all about – watching how different teachers, all over the world, are working ON their businesses as teachers of Alexander Technique.

This course is going to be a ride through the world…

We will visit Brazil, America, Germany, Australia, Poland, Japan (yes, I have got people here doing this course too!), Switzerland, and many others – discovering how different teachers are operating in their countries.

Over the next few months you will witness all kinds of practices: some people doing very well, some struggling mightily; others still trainees or just thinking of training; some ambitious, some modest; we have teachers moving into retirement, and teachers just starting out in life.

It will be quite thrilling.

If you are not already on board, then you need to join my mailing list and follow the instructions that will be sent to you… (See the box in the top right side of my blog page)

There will be three kinds of membership, initially all free. One membership level will be permanently free, and that will include my blog, your 12 Point plans and a few other goodies.

There are also two higher levels of membership – initially free - that give you more personal attention, and direct coaching from me if you want it. It will be all explained when you arrive to sign up, but you will need to pay .01c on your credit card if you want to experience my two higher levels of membership.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last blog here. Go sign up to my mail list now to be part of this next chapter of our journey into the unknown…

TOMORROW: The End Of This Blog, The Beginning of Another…

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 27 – WorkStep Twelve: Go It Alone, Or Make You A Team?

Talk to any small business owner and ask: “What is one of your biggest headaches?” and (s)he’s always going to reply: “Employees.” The art of employment is an art of business: get the right team, and a lot of your work is done; get the wrong team, and spend many late nights bailing water out of the boat.

Brett is in Tokyo now, checking out BodyChance as part of our planning for BCLA. I have no hunger to do anything in LA. It’s fine by me to do nothing. That frees my thinking to look at many possibilities, without getting stuck on any one of them.

Looking at Brett, and thinking he may join the BodyChance team, I asked him a fundamental question, and I think it is a question every teacher needs to ask: Do you want to run your own one person business, or do you want to build a business with a team of people?

Alexander Technique is ideally suited to the former – make your Self a one trick pony. Be the guy who does “eyes” or “runs” or “golf” or whatever niche you want. Make your self a name: write books, become the expert, be the celebrity, travel around and charge ever increasing prices that offer you a comfortable, if not rich lifestyle.

Or build your Self a business. Be the “swimming” guy with a coterie of teachers all over the world, getting offers from large companies, being featured in Fortune magazine and handling all the headaches and challenges contained within that, but waiting a long time for your pay day. However, when it comes, it is sweet.

Which is your path?

Over coffee this morning in a little café in Meguro, Brett and I talked through this. For 43 years I was the one trick pony, now I am a CEO of a business: I have 7 full-time staff, another 30+ on some part-time deal, almost 200 members paying a monthly fee, real profits and increasingly optimistic prospects for expanding my business. Even while the world was falling apart during the Great Recession, BodyChance managed a 5% growth rate. Today we are back to 20% and increasing. The future is bright.

But boy oh boy, what a slog it was to get here. I started in 1999, and only since 2011 can I say I began to come into the light. Building a business, putting together a team, holds out a greater reward in terms of personal accomplishment and financial security, but it also has a higher attrition rate. It’s a tougher model.

I realize that up to now I have not posed this question to people reading my blog. Most of you are single teachers, working alone, building just one career. You are the majority.

However, it is possible to build teams, providing you do not underestimate the ease with which you can fail. When I am ready, I will create a course on how to pull together a team and make a business. I am not there yet, because as I am learning with both Sydney and now BCLA, this is a gargantuan undertaking populated with enormous risk. Alexander is industrial.

I need to be a tortoise, not a hare.

How about you? What do you want to do with your career?

TOMORROW: WorkStep Whatever – Let’s Free Flow for Awhile…

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