The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

It’s 21.09 on April 30 th 2013 and I am finally sitting down to write my goodbye post at this site. If you have arrived here by word of mouth, or search, this blog has a rich and diverse archive of over 300,000 words on how to make a successful career as a teacher of Alexander Technique. You can spend many fruitful hours browsing my 12 Step Plan for Financial Success As A Teacher of the Alexander Technique. I have a facebook page, or you can click here and sign up for a free email seminar on my 12 Steps. In this blog you will find the full version of these ideas, 12 case studies of Alexander Technique teachers, and lots of practical ideas and suggestions for getting more financial oomph into your teaching practice. Of course I am still coaching – but not here any more. I have opened up a new membership site, sign up for the email series and I will put you in touch with it.  I have already built a strong community of teachers. To be part o

A Tale Of Trust and Vulnerability

Years ago in Sydney, I woke up in the bed of a strange man. It’s not what you are thinking - it was the strange man’s bed, not the strange man, that I woke up with. He was sleeping in my bed in another country. And here I was with my wife and two daughters, living in his home, driving his car, sleeping in his bed, using his bathroom – and I did not even know what his face looked like. I only found that out when I woke up, looked across the room, and saw him in a photo with his wife on their wedding day. How could this be possible? We were doing home exchange. He was sleeping in my bed in Kyoto. He was driving my car. He was looking at my wedding photos. We trusted each other, because both of us were made vulnerable by the other’s actions. This is the principle I am using to design my new membership website. To get in, you need to be vulnerable and open, willing to share, willing to be honest. I may not be charging you money yet, but I am actually

Day 27 – WorkStep Twelve: Go It Alone, Or Make You A Team?

Talk to any small business owner and ask: “What is one of your biggest headaches?” and (s)he’s always going to reply: “Employees.” The art of employment is an art of business: get the right team, and a lot of your work is done; get the wrong team, and spend many late nights bailing water out of the boat. Brett is in Tokyo now, checking out BodyChance as part of our planning for BCLA. I have no hunger to do anything in LA. It’s fine by me to do nothing. That frees my thinking to look at many possibilities, without getting stuck on any one of them. Looking at Brett, and thinking he may join the BodyChance team, I asked him a fundamental question, and I think it is a question every teacher needs to ask: Do you want to run your own one person business, or do you want to build a business with a team of people? Alexander Technique is ideally suited to the former – make your Self a one trick pony. Be the guy who does “eyes” or “runs” or “golf” or whatever n