Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 22 – WorkStep Ten: What Are You Going To Do To Make You Famous?

In my niche the end-game is simple – create an Alexander Technique Teacher Education school that everyone talks about. The famous Go-To-School for switched on people who want to make a serious living out of AT. How do I do that? You’re witnessing it.

This is the question you need to ask in your niche – how do you get noticed?

Of course, having something that people want is the crux of any fame, but it is not that alone that makes people famous. There are lots of talented people and great organizations that never hit the headlines in your niche. You need more than just a good service and product, but of course you must have that before you start. This is step 10, not step 1.

Why did Richard Branson risk his life in hot air balloons, 40,000 feet above the Atlantic ocean? Not only because he loved air balloons, but also because it was a great way to get noticed. Branson created a multitude of companies in divergent fields, but then tied them all together with his personalized Virgin brand.

So what can you do in your niche to attract attention? This is where your success driver really kicks into action: how thirsty are you for success? How willing are you to move outside your “norm” and do things and say things that in might in another life have caused you to blush?

My strategy is simple. Last year I decided I needed to find like-minded Alexander Technique teachers who want to team up with me to create this vision. I realized that building BodyChance as a global brand required the participation of other teachers who understood and joined with me in the vision for our work.

This is harder than you think. The real “hard” is in the Service itself. I know I lose many of you when I say that to attract a broader range of students, hence an increased financial income, you need the ability to work with people in all kinds of movements. Many teachers don’t have a clear vision of how to actually do this. But the powerful niche of golfers, for example, can not be won by just taking them in and out of chairs, and giving them tablework.

Sure, you will find some golfers who will happily do that with you, and discover their game improves, but that doesn’t a business make. You can capture 1% easily, even 5% with good marketing, but the other 15%? No. Unless you can write lucidly, teach practically, run successful groups and get famous, you will forever struggle financially to break through the glass ceiling that has rested on top of Alexander Technique teachers since 1894.

That’s how we did it in Japan, and that is the only way it can happen in America.

Part of your fame will arise from the efficacy of your teaching methodology. In the final analysis, when you can deliver an amazing service, that matches the need of your niche, there’s something to market and sell. There’s something to get famous about.

TOMORROW: WorkStep Eleven – Sales Funnels: What Will Yours Look Like?

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