Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 14 – WorkStep Six: Selling the Story of You. What Will Sell Best?


That's what sells in your niche.

Pick a rabid niche, be total, get rich. It's that simple.

So where are you total? Where would doing anything for anyone be OK for you? Can you answer you that? Then totality within your grasp.

The Three Element of Totality
The most successful AT teachers in the world have three things:

1. A deep skill in one area
2. A sound grasp of business
3. Totality

Do your own brainwork. Think of the stand-out AT teachers you know, then ask if those three things are true or not.

You see? It's that simple.

Put those three together, you can build your own stella career. Which is Step 2 stuff: find a niche. Your story is your epic struggle within your niche: Steven Shaw talks about time spent before School every day, swimming for hours; Peter Grunwald talks about walking blind across the street. Totality.

The story that sells is a gripping one: “Walking blind across the busy road.” It is theatre. It is you living your life bigger for other people to deputize. The simple fact that you are, or are training to be, an Alexander Technique teacher is amazing by itself. That tells me you life is already epic in some way. All those years. All that money. And for what? It is incalculable. Priceless. And yet it fails to supply you with a worry-free income.

So your story needs to be a hero's story: one of struggle against a significant adversary, and triumphing over many defeats. That story is what communicates, and good communication sells (when you are in the rabid niche that you know much about). That is the ideal situation to put your Self in.

Be ready to theatricalize and segway your story's events into a time-line. Adding drama and spice is like colourizing Gene Kelly's BW singing dance of Singing in the Rain.

Look at how I tell you my story:

10 Years Carrington Traditionalist from London
Marj Points Up At an Alexander Moon In The Sky
Direction Journal - Two Volumes, 20 Issues
Marrying in Japan in early 40’s

Building BodyChance
1. RockBottom NYC Discovery as I watch Boris Yeltsin on a tank in Moscow
2. A Sydney Clerk's Life Long Million Dollar Resolution
3. An Imploding Japanese Company with 3 mouths to feed
4. A Fortune Spent on Biz Education
5. A Mentor @$30,000 annually
6. My Blog
7. My Dreams

What Is Your Headline? What are your Sub-Headlines?

That's homework for you. Write the story of you, honestly. For now look for stories, interesting life experiences that illustrate discoveries you have made into the sphere of living. We all love stories, I tell lots of them, and you can start practicing the same of your own from to-day...

TOMORROW: WorkStep Seven – The Metrics of Your List

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