Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 20 – WorkStep Nine – I don’t Know How To Do This…

In building a new career, what I struggle with the most, and I am guessing you are feeling something similar, is produced by the thought: “I don’t know how to do this.” What’s weird is that I should expect to know how to do what I haven't done yet! It’s a phenomenon we face in our teaching practice all the time…

Many people initiate walking by first extending at both hip joints, which is a really bad idea if you want to walk forward. However, whenever my hands block my student from walking this way, their first response is: “I don’t know how to do this” so instead of walking, they freeze into inaction.

When thinking about the new studio in Los Angeles, I sometimes feel frozen into inaction. I don’t want to move, because I don’t know how to move. Just like my pupil who refuses to walk, I refuse to do things to move my BodyChance Los Angeles project along. So if I take a lesson from myself, then I would say to me what I say to my pupils:

“Go on, go. Walk.”

“But I can’t.”

“Really? You can’t walk? What have you been doing all these years?”

And then students feel silly. Of course what they mean is that they don’t have a feeling they can walk. However, with my encouragement they walk – then their eyes light up in joy when they experience not only do they walk, but they walk magnificently.

My “encourager” is currently Paul Lemberg, my biz mentor. Who is your encourager? Paul has walked his way to building a new business many times. To him it is as easy as it is to me when I am the teacher with my student. There’s nothing hard about this, except the old habits that make it so. What habit? Expecting you to know what it will be like before you have done anything to accomplish it. Instead use clear, accurate thinking – with a guide to encourage you.

We are currently working the 9th step, which is designed to awaken you from a frozen state. For example – are you working on your 12 Point Plan? If not, are you working on any plan to lift your Alexander Technique practice?

Yesterday I sent out the link to everyone on my mail list, so you can apply to join my next three month course. Your application involves submitting your 12 Point Plan, and I will pick 36 of these to comment on over the next three months. This will create the most incredible resource - of ideas, difficulties and solutions unique to our profession - that has been put together by anyone, anywhere, ever.

Those willing to join me in this undertaking will find themselves being motivated to continue growing their work, surrounded by like-minded people. Hey – we found each other!

So go look for yesterday’s email. Go to the link in that email, fill out the application form, and be part of this private experiment. If you are not already on my list, make sure you join now so you can apply to be part of my next three month course.

TOMORROW: WorkStep Ten – How Are You Going To Become An Authority?

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