Monday, April 22, 2013

This Is A Day Like No Other

This is a “I want to give up” day – ever had any of those?

As difficulties increase, my mind starts pestering me: “Jerry, why do you want all this hassle? What good is it for you?” So this is another of my “real-time” blogs where I work with my heart to find the joy and enthusiasm again that motivates me to continue.

I learnt from my Buddhist studies that there are six qualities each human being can develop, and enthusiastic joy is one of those six parameters. Right now, I feel devoid of joy and full of lethargy and oncoming depression. I am sharing this, because I want you to expect lots of difficulties to overcome.

Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, lost – this is normal, it is to be expected when you are trying to break out of a past into a future that has no form or basis. However, my stress is not coming from the circumstances, it is coming from my mind. This is good news. So my first step in my process is to recognize the thoughts that are the cause of my condition:

This is too hard.
He shouldn’t do that.
It’s not fair.
Other people can do it, why can’t I?
I don’t know how to do this.
Something is wrong with me.


I wrote that on Saturday, but I gave up trying to work it out in one session. Instead, I passed through a “quest” over the weekend, the details of which are even too personal for me to share here. However, I am out the other side, with a resolution and a permanent rift in a relationship avoided. That is accomplishment enough.

So that’s my blog to-day, and tomorrow I go back on course as we move closer and closer to starting up on May 1st.

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That’s it.

No charge for this next course either, but I do want people willing to contribute their own thinking. This course is not public, so information will only be shared between participants. I look forward to seeing you there.


TOMORROW: WorkStep Eleven – Sales Funnel for BCLA

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