Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 16 – WorkStep Seven – How Big A List?

Why my obsession with the list?

I was wondering that today, and the answer goes back to the roots of the list: these are the people barracking for you. In terms of list power, that is number one. However, a list is not built around you at the start, it is built around your solution to people’s problems.

The function of a list – in an Alexander Technique business – is to lure in lukewarm prospects and turn them into hot ones. How? By giving great information that genuinely solves their problem(s).

As time goes on they start to trust you, then eventually they follow you. This is a long road, and BCLA, or your business, is now deciding on the how of it. How do you go about building a list? Here are several methods: systematically go through these to build a realistic marketing plan based on the proclivities of your personality. You need also numerical targets that serve to keep you connected to reality…

Consider which of these most suit your abilities to build your list?

Being a nerd
Using Google/FaceBook adds and keyword analysis to gather people – this involves you sitting in front of your computer and analyzing information. You bring people to a location that makes a convincing case for them to email connect with you.

Being a wordsmith
Using emails, letters, flyers: convincing people by the power of your writing. For building my niche of Alexander Technique teachers who want to grow their businesses – I am using this approach. People connect by blog, then email to stay in touch.

Being a Chatterbox
Social Media buzz – old-fashioned networking re-engineered into a social media environment of FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Needs emotional intelligence: knowing how to connect with people, listen to them, be a friend and support. People start visiting your page, making comments and being your friend.

Being a Producer
Impactful images from graphics to videos. Attracting people through your productions. This appeals to Brett in his marketing plan. A lot of people spend time on YouTube, or stop at websites with video content. Keep offering this content, so they subscribe.

Being Charismatic
Holding events, going to conferences, wowing people from the stage so they are keen to get your stuff. This methods produces income that pays your time to build a list. If you can, very good method.

Being a Coach
Help people understand what it is you can do for them by doing it with them in a trial period. This suits big price items, where the payoff is consummate with the time invested. Use it to build a high quality list.

So for Brett and I – this is part of our ongoing conversation. What is the marketing plan? What is the revenue model: what are the metrics this marketing must convert to sales in order for our expenses to be covered, and some?

Are you doing the same thinking in building your business plan?

TOMORROW: WorkStep Eight – Building the Back-end

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