Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 15 – WorkStep Seven: The Metrics of Your List

I understand from the experience of Tokyo, Osaka and then Sydney, that it is a complex undertaking to launch an Alexander Technique studio. In Tokyo it happened organically over many years – it did not just “arrive” as I seem to be assuming/hoping it will happen in LA. In Osaka, inexplicably at first, BodyChance experienced zero growth over a period of 4 years. In Sydney, I utterly failed to gain enough traction to produce sufficient cash flow to continue, so I ended closing down with a loss of $30,000+

What I have learned, is that many, many things can go wrong, be forgotten, be ignored or wrongly assumed. Then, as this becomes apparent, “overwhelm” has the potential mask what is important, and what is not.  What will ensure the best success is thorough planning based on clear numerical targets in the marketing and selling matrix.

What I have learnt from Alexander's Discoveries, and in business, is that feelings are not the sole indicator of how things are progressing. It is necessary to collect objective information about what is happening around you, not just inside you, to make a clear assessment of the situation. In business, that equates to numbers. A mirror serves same purpose – both are reflections of what is happening, with no life of their own. Numbers and mirrors have no opinion, they just are.

In that case, my idea is to first establish the metrics that we want to track from the start, then second set about creating a system that will deliver these numbers to us on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Once we have clarity about that, then third, start building the marketing and sales funnel that will deliver clients to BCLA.

Once we have built the funnel, fourth we establish the acceleration pattern of our metrics so we can project the absolute number of people we need to trigger investment in creating a studio location, and hiring operational and teaching staff.

Right now, dates have no relevancy to the success or failure of the project. Focusing on timing is putting your attention on the lessor critical element of the entire mandala.

So have the focus on metrics!

TOMORROW: WorkStep Seven – How Big A List?

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