Monday, April 29, 2013

A Tale Of Trust and Vulnerability

Years ago in Sydney, I woke up in the bed of a strange man.

It’s not what you are thinking - it was the strange man’s bed, not the strange man, that I woke up with. He was sleeping in my bed in another country. And here I was with my wife and two daughters, living in his home, driving his car, sleeping in his bed, using his bathroom – and I did not even know what his face looked like.

I only found that out when I woke up, looked across the room, and saw him in a photo with his wife on their wedding day. How could this be possible?

We were doing home exchange. He was sleeping in my bed in Kyoto. He was driving my car. He was looking at my wedding photos. We trusted each other, because both of us were made vulnerable by the other’s actions.

This is the principle I am using to design my new membership website. To get in, you need to be vulnerable and open, willing to share, willing to be honest. I may not be charging you money yet, but I am actually making it much harder than paying money!


I want to make a secure little corner in the world where we can share our dreams, visions and concerns - without the bright lights of the internet on us. The way I do this is by making it a condition of entry that you share your Self, share your story, and be willing for others to see you. Some people are feeling exasperated by my insistence on this process…

Yesterday I got a email from one teacher who wrote: “I don't have the time to participate how you wish and don't feel inclined to make my story PUBLIC and used by you!”

I understand that feeling, and that person made the right decision not to participate. If you don’t have the time to work ON your business, because you are so busy working IN your business, then you probably don’t need my course. You are already doing very well. Congratulations.

However, I got another email from a teacher who said in effect: “I am a successful teacher, and I was reading your blog thinking it was for unsuccessful teachers. But I slowly realized that I could do much, much better.”

That is what is means to work ON your business, as opposed to just working IN your business. So that is what my next course is all about – watching how different teachers, all over the world, are working ON their businesses as teachers of Alexander Technique.

This course is going to be a ride through the world…

We will visit Brazil, America, Germany, Australia, Poland, Japan (yes, I have got people here doing this course too!), Switzerland, and many others – discovering how different teachers are operating in their countries.

Over the next few months you will witness all kinds of practices: some people doing very well, some struggling mightily; others still trainees or just thinking of training; some ambitious, some modest; we have teachers moving into retirement, and teachers just starting out in life.

It will be quite thrilling.

If you are not already on board, then you need to join my mailing list and follow the instructions that will be sent to you… (See the box in the top right side of my blog page)

There will be three kinds of membership, initially all free. One membership level will be permanently free, and that will include my blog, your 12 Point plans and a few other goodies.

There are also two higher levels of membership – initially free - that give you more personal attention, and direct coaching from me if you want it. It will be all explained when you arrive to sign up, but you will need to pay .01c on your credit card if you want to experience my two higher levels of membership.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last blog here. Go sign up to my mail list now to be part of this next chapter of our journey into the unknown…

TOMORROW: The End Of This Blog, The Beginning of Another…

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  1. this has been a great blog and i think we are going to miss your posts. Please do keep posting.


  2. I am still posting, every day, but not here. Go to this url, fill our the questionnaire, and it will take you to where I am posting now:


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