Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 12 – WorkStep Five: Rumiko Marries Kenji And I Grow My Friends…

Yesterday afternoon in Tokyo, my student Rumiko married Kenji. Rumiko is quite a girl – I called her a “tornado” in my toast. She may be my student, but she is also a business partner. When we first started talking about business together, I thought “OK, let’s see what we can do in the year ahead.” Rumiko’s idea was different. She suggested “Let’s see what we can do with our life.”

Now this is a woman I like to work with!

I discovered that her background was in Co-active Coaching, and there was nothing small about her life. Her wedding was the same: a joyful extravaganza celebrating what must be one of the most memorable days in any person’s life. As I met her fellow coaches at the wedding, I began to marvel at how similar our wishes were to help this planet.

Who Is Going To Help You Do This? Who Is In Your Team?

My point is – you can never know where you will find partners for your business. I would not have expected to find them at a wedding! But last night, coming home and sharing my memories, feelings and photos on Facebook – I made a whole lot of new friends. Not just friends, but potential partners in business.

People who, like me, care passionately about other people, who want to live useful lives, and want to make money doing that. These coaches have the kind of clarity about their professional livelihood that I am making it my mission to bring into our Alexander Community. None of these people equate making money with selling out on principles – quite the opposite. Just as I think – if you are not making money, who’s being helped?

Look around you now. Who already exists in your life? Now ask again, who exists that you did not believe could be part of your business creation plan? As many participants in my case studies discovered, often the resources and answers you seek are there in plain sight. In your rush to find your answer, you run right past.

As you build your 12 Point Career Creation Plan for enrollment in my next online course – try this exercise: write down the names of all the people you know, or are associated with. Facebook is a good place to start. Then systematically ask the question: what synergies do we have that could be a yes for them and a yes for me?

Building your team – the people that mentor, advise, partner and work with you on creating your business – can come from anywhere. It is a mind that already knows what it wants, that fails to find what it needs.

Many of you have written to me saying how my blog came at just the right time. It may not only be this blog. The person(s) you need may be there and waiting – open your mind to any possibility, any person.

And there’s a bonus in this process too: an open mind is an open heart, as I discovered again at Rumiko & Kenji’s wedding. Blessings upon them both.

TOMORROW: WorkStep 6 – The Story of You.

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