Monday, April 01, 2013

Day 7 – WorkStep Three: Location of BodyChance Los Angeles (BCLA)

It’s Monday morning, I was up at 5.30am, and I feel fresh and ready for the challenges ahead. How are you doing? Before I talk about business plans and lifting your practice towards greater accomplishment, how about you lift your Self first?

Basil sent me a link to a wonderfully simple video of a entrepreneur who speaks about how he manages his energy and outlook. It is worth the 7 minutes of your time to view…

Working On Your Own Small Business

Are you working on your 12 Point plan? You need to submit something to join my next online course – details will be explained on my mail list (you can join on the top of my blog). My next course will be totally about practical applications of Alexander Technique from teachers all over the world – sharing their insights and stories with you. I am using my own new project – opening a BodyChance studio in Los Angeles – as a real time, real life demonstration of how you use my 12 step plan.

You will witness my success or failure - how real is that!? My plan is that you will be in the same seat during my next three month (free) online course. So over the next month, make notes about your plan as you read about how I am using the 12 steps to create BCLA.

Business Building is Circular, Not Linear…
Although it is time for me to consider Step 3 – Location – I am not finished with Step 2 – niche. The niche focus of BCLA evolves towards clarity: BodyChance is situating itself right into Alexander Technique niche! But Alexander v3.1. Why? Because that’s one of BodyChance’s missions – is to lift Alexander Technique’s reputation towards cool.

My mission is to contribute making BodyChance Alexander Technique “the thing to do” for a whole new generation of consumers. It will rub off on you eventually. So BodyChance’s primary niche is demographic, rather than hobby/activity orientated, because we are the activity! Other niches are still being considered… We don’t have a music person – do I bring Basil over from Japan?

Basil has written over 500 blog posts and built a huge reputation in the classical music world of Tokyo/Japan by following my advice – I wrote the course you just completed initially for Basil. Today we decided to charge $200 for his 30 minute lesson and restrict them to professional musicians. They will book out. Who would like a career like that with BodyChance?

So although I am ostensibly on Step 3 – location – this step needs linkage to Step 2 –niche. Assuming “Alexander Technique” as the niche – how do I attract people to that? Who else has made their work “cool”?

A good model to follow are the modern Yoga studios: many are populated with woman whose kids have grown up, have a husband to bring home the bacon, and a need to reboot their life with new meaning and purpose. Yoga studios in LA. Where are they located?

TOMORROW: Location, Location, Location - where is yours?

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