Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 1 - The End of the Beginning: I Am Only Just Getting Started!

Well, my 12 week course is over. Phew! It’s all there for you to read: every day from Jan 1st to March 24th. More 100,000 words full of free advice and ideas to get you earning more money from your Alexander Technique career.

I am back in Mullumbimby for a few days with my two girls before flying off to Japan. It has been an amazing time. Spending 9 days with Katie Byron in Ojai, USA was a transformative experience.

Before heading down to Ojai, I dined with 14 teachers in Burbank, LA. That was fun and they bought me dinner – thank you! Through the meeting came the quick birth of new idea: BodyChance in Los Angeles (BCLA). At our Mexican dinner, Brett Hershey and I hit it off immediately. Brett is a fast-thinking, forward looking teacher who makes a perfect partner to build the BodyChance presence in LA. Like me, he moves fast.

He already found interested investors who plan to come to Japan with Brett to check out what we are doing, and how BodyChance can be re-engineered for the USA. Exciting stuff.

So – this morning I decided upon two things.

I am super busy getting ready for my next, free online course, so I will limit my blog posts to 500 words daily. I love these kind of outwardly imposed disciplines on writing – they support me getting focused, thinking more clearly and expressing my Self precisely. That’s one.

My second decision is – with Brett’s agreement - I will use the next month to show you how you can go about putting a business plan together by blogging every day on what I am doing with BCLA around the 12 steps. The reason is to help you prepare your own, real business plan for your career. This is the topic of my next, free online course starting May 1st.

Starting May 1st: How the Free “Building A Real AT Business” Course Will Work
This course will be full of you: your ideas, your plans, your dreams. To safeguard your ideas, the course will be held behind closed doors - you will need a login and password to access it.

I will only accept people into this course who submit a 12 Point plan. It ensures a high quality course focused on getting results.

“But I don’t have a business plan!” you may object. No problem. Just use the 12 point plan to describe what you have now. So soon I will be setting up an application process for people who want to join my next, FREE, online course from May 1st.

To learn how to sign up (for free) – you need to join my mail list. See the sign up box at the top of my blog. Details of how to join my next course will not be published to this blog. So go join my mail list now and look out for more details on BCLA tomorrow…

That’s my 500 words for today!

TOMORROW: How To Prepare Your 12 Point Plan To Join My Next Free Course.

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