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W09.07 Guest Post From Kit Racette in Reply to My Case Study...

I had a feeling I was too tough on Kit, but I kept telling my Self “This lady can handle it.” so I didn’t edit out the harsher comments (like my Auntie line) and left it all pretty hard-hitting: partly as a wake call to others, as Kit’s story was a great demonstration of someone who has something wonderful to offer, but needs a radical reset to get there. Well, it turns out I was right on both counts - I did go too far, and she could handle it. Better and faster than I could have imagined. There’s nothing old about this gal - read for yourself…


Thank you, Jeremy, for making this opportunity available to me. I submitted my case to you to tap into your experience and hopefully find a direction for my journey. I have learnt a lot from your blogs to date and from the case studies you have posted already. You know the old saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”, and that is certainly what has happened. As Jennifer Mackerras said earlier,  you have pushed me forward and as a result I have given myself permission to do this differently.

When I first read your study, I was gobsmacked! I went through “who does he think he is” and “aren’t there any redeeming qualities” and finally I could get to “I invited this study because I want clarity and direction”. With that the load lifted and I celebrated the decision to bare my soul…

Here is what I have taken on board and in a way changed my story. My age is purely a number and not relevant. My own mother is a very alert busy 93 year old and there is no reason to think I will not be the same. Besides, life has taught me to value every day and make the most of my talents and experience.

My motivation isn’t money but I can acknowledge that I am motivated to create something that marks me as an expert, an authority, a celebrity. I have as a goal being on Oprah with a successful book and people teaching my approach all over the world. I want my time on this planet to be meaningful.

I like the idea that I am not in the Alexander Technique industry. I am therefore giving myself permission not to do Alexander Technique work in the model I was shown in my training. My training was activity based in the Marj manner and I can now expand the definition of the activity more widely outside the range I have been shown.

Just yesterday I expanded it into a psychotherapy session in a manner I haven’t dared to do before and it was an ah ha moment for both myself and my client. So now Alexander Technique becomes part of my tool bag and not the main feature.

The other way in which the teacher has arrived when I am ready is in my journey through my own grief. I am now at the point in that journey at which I can focus on Grief as my business. I want my story to help others but not be stuck in the story. I found Grief Edu-Therapy last year and after participating in the programme I decide to train so I could bring this programme to others.

It is a heart based programme which puts people in touch with their habits and once they have this awareness offers them a way to change their habits (doesn’t that sound like a form of Alexander talk?) For the moment I offer this as it was taught to me, but my plan is to gradually adapt it to make it mine.

My book explores my difficulty in reconciling to my daughter’s death and I intend to offer this free as an e-book. I want to get people talking about grief and all the losses we experience, not just death. I know I have other books in me and I enjoy writing. I also love to do public speaking and run workshops. I am excited by the prospect. I want to get people talking about grief and all the losses we experience, not just death.

Finally, the other lesson I have taken on from your blogs is the importance of mentors and reaching out to others for their expertise. I have already reached out to my coach and together we are working on a list of other people that can help me put this all together. I am not limited to Montreal – have passport will travel!! I love learning and am curious to see how this will unfold.

Thank you, Jeremy, for your perspective and sharing your experience. Stay tuned!!

TOMORROW: Effective Marketing and Sales is not just talk, it is also numbers.

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