Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 4 – Working Step One: My Success Drivers for BCLA

TODAY: Who Owns What?
The issue on my mind today is ownership = my long term equity/capital success. What are the IP rights of BodyChance worth? How do I license them? Paul Lemberg urged me to leverage my personal IP ownership to seed the profitability of an international coalition of companies I am about to create.

So this is a new maze, another money labyrinth to navigate: international taxation law, residency rights, immigration status, IP licensing, trademarks, American corporation law, tax havens, Series LLC companies, Wyoming state laws, Californian sales tax, franking laws, profit distributions, shareholding structure, JV terms, standardized accounting practices, and more. None of it comes naturally to me, but the management of money is a hidden burden of increasing wealth that largely goes unnoticed by poorer folk.

Next on my mind today…

Who Is Going To Teach in BodyChance Brazil’s Studio?
Eleni is asking for investment in Brazil, which is an exciting prospect. But then - who teaches there? BodyChance has a distinctive service - offering a multilayer version of Alexander's discoveries, delivered by a variety of talented teachers. And only offered in groups. How can Eleni pull that off alone in Brazil? She can’t. So who are the teachers to support her?

Teachers working in BodyChance Studios get supportive education: BodyChance’s Alexander version 3.1 involves no individual sessions; no table work; no chairwork. Instead it involves student-driven activities, either niche-driven, or personally-driven like:

I get a headache every time I ring my Mum…
I have trouble with my ballet turns…
Please help me to analyze how to ride my racing bike…
How can I increase the weights I can lift?
I get depressed at work when I am asked to do something I don’t want to do…
I just started getting a sore knee and I don’t know why…

These are the kind of requests students are making to BodyChance teachers in Japan every day. Some handle these requests, others are challenged. It’s another of my jobs to design support for you to develop this style of teaching within your repertoire.

I have been talking with Eileen Troberman, Michael Fredericks, Cathy Madden and Tommy Thompson about a BodyChance course delivered in LA for teachers over a year. None of them have agreed to be in it yet (!) but it is my hope that I can offer you something like:

Activity Lessons - 1st Segment
Systems for shifting your private work from chair/table lessons to student-driven activity sessions (Eileen & Michael in person, Jeremy online)

Group Sessions - 2nd Segment
Continuing to develop the student-driven, activity lesson format by exploring how it works in a group setting (Cathy & Michael in person, Jeremy online)

Emotional Needs - 3rd Segment
While in groups, learn some exercises and ways to handle the emotional aspects of the work as they surface; and how to surface them. (Tommy & Mystery, Jeremy online).

BodyChance: Alexander v3.1!

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NEXT: Step Two - What Niches Will Drive The BCLA Business? What Are Yours?

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