Wednesday, March 13, 2013

W11.03 Filling Up Your Marketing and Sales Funnel With Streams Of Pupils

To build a Marketing and Sales Funnel, first you have to find a way to fill it. By this I mean you need a constant source of new people pouring into your Sales funnel. I know there are Alexander Technique teachers in England who almost exclusively rely on referrals from STAT’s website – that is one source, which in my metaphor below is equivalent of one stream…

Many Streams Make A River, Many Rivers Feed An Ocean
Does your business just rely on one stream for the flow of students? Well, some streams are like creeks: intermittent, they don’t consistently deliver water all year round. The way to deal with this is to create multiple streams that together supply a constant flow of students. Ultimately, you want to create an ocean of pupils for the teachers you train as part of your back-end business.

But it all starts with building your first stream of pupils. Then the second stream, the third stream and so on until you are attracting large numbers of people into your Marketing and Sales Funnel. Build enough, continue to care for them, and eventually you have a hugely successful business.

A List of Different Streams For Gathering New Students
Here are some possible streams – in no order of importance – for sourcing students to pour into your Marketing and Sales Funnel:

books (eBooks and print)
articles (web and print)
your website (from search, links and adds)
people from your mailing list (how long on list)
AT Society referrals (web, email or telephone)
social media promotions
current student referrals
practitioner referrals
flyers and posters
people you meet
guest speaking
adult education courses
online or print advertisements
out-of-towners wanting a lesson
AND any other sources you can think of that has delivered students to you?

You could more simply start with “print, website, social media, mailing list, telephone and email.” There is no correct way. Eventually you could use the list above, but further sub-categorize them into print • website • social media • mailing list • telephone • email. Anywhere it works appropriately.

How you organise your concept of these streams depends on the habits of your niche, your own marketing and sales proclivities, the kind of product your are selling – all of the things you have learnt about your Self and your niche in studying that previous 10 steps of my 12 Point plan for making a financial success of your Alexander Technique practise.

TOMORROW: Social Triggers – The Unconscious Behaviours That Guarantee Marketing And Sales Funnel Fulfilments

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