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W10.03 Celebrities and Your Niche – How You Help You Become Famous!!!

Did you find a brand name for your Service?

Previously, I gave examples of Alexander “brand names” such as ITM, Shaw Method, EyeBody, Learning Methods and of course BodyChance. Finding your personal brand, and stepping outside the legalistic framework that contains most Alexander Technique teachers – which all my examples above have done – are the steps that lead you to authorising your Self. You may need to make a conscious decision against the habit of the past – if you are ready and willing to do that – congratulations. You are on your way to riches…

Now what?

An Authority Is A Celebrity Waiting To Happen…
Being an authority is very closely aligned to being a celebrity. Authority is dry and focused, celebrity embraces that with the bells and whistles of your personality. You want to “humanise” your expertise with stories and examples that communicate your ideas more naturally to your niche.

Looking at the classic Alexander Technique sites – how many have “personality”? How many sparkle and sizzle, showing there is a luminous intelligence humming quietly behind the scenes? Can you add some sauce to your site? Something that shows YOU.

For example, if mum’s are your niche, show pictures of you with your kids, or with any kids if you don’t have them. Not you teaching them – you having fun with them at the park. Add some kid-like drawings to your site, pasting them at odd angles just like they’d be hanging in the homes of the mums that follow you.

When your followers get to your site – do they already feel at home there? How could you achieve that? Only possible when you know, really know your niche. Niche is the base of personal branding, and it is the surest way to create a relationship that will last.

How Does Your Celebrity Personality Differ From You?
Notice I called it a personal branding. I’ve already covered the fact that “branding” in horizontal markets like MacDonalds or Nike do is unnecessary – too costly and too wide a net. Your approach is to narrow into vertical markets of a select group of people: for those people you create your personal brand.

Perhaps “create your personal brand” is the wrong expression – you are already created! This is more about accentuating some traits, editing out others. Your niche personality and your real personality are not the same – it is based on the truth of you, but it is still a fiction. It is there as a conscious part of your business mandala – creating congruency between your Service Product and your Personality.

First point to be aware of is: how you they will see you? and will this serve your business?

What Is Jeremy’s Personal Branding?
I am seen as the guy who keeps taking risks, had a lot of knocks, often failed in life, but never gave up and nowadays (finally) is succeeding well enough to be accepted as an authority in my tiny, little niche.  Jeremy is “the Alexander-Technique-is-a-business guy” for Alexander Technique teachers and trainees.

You have a clear reason to follow my blog – help your own career. It makes me easy to find and identify. One teacher wrote that he was sitting alone in his teaching room, feeling frustrated that that no lessons were booked that afternoon, so he goggled “Alexander Technique and marketing” and saw my blog listed at the fourth spot. “The title attracted me” he said, and then he read for the next 6 hours straight!  

Creating this kind of compulsive entertainment is one the essential traits of all celebrities….

Four Essentials You Need To Succeed As A Celebrity in Your Niche
Firstly, you fascinate your niche.
My blog aims to surprise, inform, inspire, move or just plain entertain you. Sometimes I rant and rave and say some pretty outrageous things. I believe all of them, but my thinking is often contrary to conventional wisdom. Another of my personality traits is being inspirational and visionary. I love reminding you all that one day Alexander Technique will become a multi-billion dollar business and you can have a piece of that if you want – just learn how. This idea itself is fascinating. How can you fascinate your niche? What is fascinating about you now?

Secondly, you have similar values to your niche.
As you know, I tell deeply personal stories about my life. These stories speak to my values – to what I have struggled to learn and live. Most Alexander Technique teachers have deep, universal values - respecting non-violence, seeking compassion, desirous to benefit others -  that resonate with each other. We also have values that are micro-practical to our profession: we are teachers, not therapists; we use touch as a tool of communication; we adapt language to the age we live in. What are the values of your niche? How do you communicate that to them?

Thirdly, you care about your niche.
There’s a saying in the sales world: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” How am I communicating this to you? Obviously a clear demonstration of my care is giving away everything I know for free! Through my blog I am looking for individual Alexander Technique teachers who want to build their own million dollar business with me. I want to create successful Alexander Technique businesses that support the work reaching more and more people. We all care about the work spreading, even if we don’t agree on how.

Fourthly, you offer value, as your niche defines it.
My blog offers free business advice to Alexander Technique teachers from another Alexander Technique teacher – not an outsider. So I can interpret business principles in a way that makes them easier to digest and implement in your professional life – this is of practical value to you, which is why you come back to read more…

Can you do those four things for your niche audience?

The Seven Wonderful Results of Your Four Essential Celebrity Traits
If you can get these four essential traits happening in your communications, first you will attract people to your writings, second you can connect with them. When you connect, third you have influence. With influence, you can radically reset their ideas of their niche activity to reflect the universal truths Alexander discovered. As they accept these new ideas, fourth you invite them into a bi-directional, value-for-value monetary relationship. The value they gain from this relationship with you fifth inspires their loyalty, sixth encourages their retention as Members, and finally ascends them into your back-end business and a life-long relationship!

TOMORROW: The Personal Story That Integrates Your Celebrity With Your Business

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