Sunday, March 17, 2013

W11.07 Guest Post From Kimberly Peterson in Reply to My Case Study...

Kimberly is writing a guest post today on my Case Study with her last week. It's always fun for me to hear how people are thinking, so like me I am sure you look forward to reading her thoughts...


I want to first of all thank Jeremy for all the wonderful, inspiring information and enlightenment. It's been so wonderful and the timing is perfect.

So to begin I have decided that dance is my niche and pain management is my backend since I just started a new position working with people who are in pain at a physicians group. In order to finally start in this position I gave an Alexander workshop to some of the staff and lucky for me they welcomed me in.

Although I do work at a dance studio and Pilates studio too, I find that dancers and helping them get to a professional level is my niche that I want to focus on, so I must go out and shake hands with the rest of the dance community. I also feel the need to go out and see if dance teachers would like to see if they can make teaching easier in their own bodies.

I am very excited.

I am lucky that my pain management is my backend business because simply of money! Not only is it going to make my life less stressful, but I managed to connect a few doors... like when the clients are in less pain they can continue maintenance at the Pilates studio (where I teach).

I am hoping there is no bumping of heads. It took me a while to figure out my Niche but now in my community it makes sense to focus on these.

I realize that I have to let go of some of my classes to get this all in place and have the energy for it,especially because my kids are first, we just came to a point where we need to make money. San Diego is expensive and we want a house. I am proud that I finally put my Alexander teaching on the front end of my career because I know it's the technique of them all.

I do Agree that finding your niche is important and will help guide you financially. However I don't know if taking the A.T. out of the equation is a good thing.

I feel that people should educate themselves about where this technique came from and as a teacher we should not forget the discipline and the long hours of letting the neck be free!

TOMORROW: Everyone asks this question: Why doesn’t Alexander Technique get popular like Yoga, Pilates, and other things? Why are we still so unknown? I offer a rather serious and deep thinking answer.

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