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W12.03 Accurate Thinking – “Build A Real Business” Online Course From May…

Do you need money to invest in your own Alexander Technique business?

I have money to invest, and I am looking for Joint Venture (JV) partners. One reason I invested $30,000 dollars this year to have my own Business Consultant, is to support my aim to transform BodyChance from a $1 million dollar business to a $10 dollar business. Frankly speaking - I (at one time) had no idea how to do that!

So I set out to find a mentor – which is Step 5 of my 12 Point Business Plan, one of the most important steps. I found an advisor who has done what I want to do: Paul Lemberg. He will be a key advisor on my next free three month course:

How To “Build A Real Business”
This next course is as much for me as it is for you. Last course, I got to do most of the work – your job was to read, think – even implement a few things, make a few experiments. 12 people though, answered my questions and I reviewed there cases.

There were many disappointed people that I could not accommodate. So this time I will open it up to 36 people. Now I know I have got your attention?

Cool. Here’s what’s next…

Write Your Own 12 Point Business Plan
For the next three months I will comment on Twelve Point Business Plans from 36 different people. I will do three a week:

Monday – My review of your plan (which will be available to everyone as a download)
Tuesday – (A week later) Your reply to my review of the previous week.
…and so on through the days of the week. Sunday is off!

This means I can review three plans per week, for the next 12 weeks. It is another way of presenting my 12 Point Plan, but this time:

-       clarify an confusions from the first time around
-       beefing up concepts that only briefly appeared the first time
-       showing life applications with teachers in real situations.

Alexander Technique Reality TV
This program is like Reality TV – you get to peek into the real workings of our tiny Profession: to know what kind of problems people are facing when they try to make money from sharing Alexander's Discoveries with humanity.

This is what the course looks like now:

-       The online “Build A Real Business” series is free and open
-       It will commence on May 1st, and continue for 12 weeks
-       Please tell other teachers, students and AT devotees
-       I will personally review 36 realistic business plans
-       Only those on my mailing list are able to apply
-       Reviews will appear in May/June/July, 2013
-       All 36 Plans will be graded by percentages
-       Plans including property acquisition gain extra marks
-       From the 36 people, I will invite 12 to invest in Joint Venture Apprentice Program
-       Investment capital will be limited to $100,000 for each Plan actioned with BodyChance.

Start Working On It Now!
My first 12 week course is now finished!

You have access to all the blogs: go apply that information – even imaginatively – to your specific circumstances, then send in your plan to me for comment. I will be receiving these applications in April, and only those on my mail-list are able to apply. Join that list now.

I will make it easy for you: I am setting up a survey online that you can go to and put your answers in. You can start and stop it as many times as you like – it will be saved online and kept confidential until you complete and publish it.

By publishing it, you share full rights of the plan with me – and I will contribute, develop and comment on your plan in a post on my blog, and you also get to share all that! Your complete plan will also be available for others to view.

In this way we will help each other – situations that are difficult will emerge that are common for all Alexander Technique teachers. What one person can solve in Baltimore, another person can apply in Estonia. People are the same, but businesses need to adapt to the circumstances.

If this course works the way I want it to work – I will be giving my Self a fabulous education! So yes, this is entirely selfish. That’s why I have so much energy to get it done. It will help me immensely in understanding the problems you face – which are the problems I also face in getting BodyChance to be effective at recruiting people into the work.

My challenge to find workable solutions for you while keeping your integrity in tact, and being realistic about your personality. How big a hero’s journey are you ready for?

I’d wager this is something you are interested to do too, right?

Join My Mail List Now To Qualify
To apply to be one of the 36 people whose plan’s I comment on, you need to be a member of my mail list. The list is shown on the top, right hand side of my blog. Just join up now, and wait for a message from me announcing the Open Entry Form link online where you can apply to have my free review of your 12 Point Plan. I will pick the best to comment on.

For those 36 lucky people who’s plans get chosen for my review – there’s another treat waiting for you after August…

TOMORROW: For The 36 Successful Applicants, There Is A Second Prize Coming At The End Of My Free “Build A Real Business” Online Course

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