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W12.04 Every Satisfying Business Starts With A Personal Need…

All my life I have loved making plans.

Ask my cousin – he’ll tell you: “Jerry, with a 100 ideas and maybe 3 work.” You have come to that time in my blog. It’s time to work with me on ideas - yours and mine.

I can sense some difference in me these days. I am delicately moving away from Japan, as my long-term game is to get back teaching and working in an English speaking environment. My failed Sydney experiment was a set-back, but I never gave up my dream. This is truly one of my personal needs.

Why I Am Doing This - Really
I have two daughters who spent their first 6~9 years in Japan, then moved to Mullumbimby in Australia where they are now. Now we are playing together with the idea they finish school in Great Britain. That is an expensive dream! A dream that has them end up with a British network of friends, along with their Australian and Japanese friends. Cool. Future guardians of BodyChance perhaps?

This is a long-winded way to say that my personal life is deeply layered into my business and professional life. That is what I recommend for you too. When your business serves you, you can serve your business. “Sacrifice” is just another name for self-hate. Love you, then you will love your business, and it will be a business that you can love. That is where I am coming from.

What do you really want? Who are you, really?

I like to drift, to float, to keep moving on. It’s been great for me to plant my feet in Japan – the kids enveloped my wild psyche – but these days I ache to live in English-speaking lands. When you respect your physic structure: life flows, things work easily.

So that’s my personal motivation for what I am doing.

Do You Want Me To Invest My Money In You?
For 36 years I’ve owned a penthouse apartment in Clovelly with a 180 degrees view of Sydney Harbour, just near where they shot some of the live action for one of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible films. I won’t tell you what it’s worth - you can Google it if you like. I haven’t lived there since 1999, when I left to raise a family in Japan. I kept imagining that one day I would return, but now I know the past is the past: let it go.

I sold my apartment last week.

Why? To give me money to invest in me. And the way I invest in me is by investing in you. I am looking for people with smart and well-grounded ideas who can use my cash to jump start them into building an Alexander Technique business that makes real money. That’s why my next, free 3 month course is called “Building a Real Alexander Technique Business.”

Yes, that’s the road we are on together now - can you dream a realistic plan based on the model I have presented over the last three months? This is exciting stuff. I have cash to invest - capital to help you get your Alexander Technique business off the ground. Be excited, this is really possible for you…

Do you think you have it in you to dare to continue on this journey with me? You can be a trainee, you can be a teacher - heck, you can be a non-teacher. The instigator of the business does not have to be an Alexander Technique teacher, but business needs to be about Alexander's discoveries.

Are You the Person Who Can Do This?
I love Gurdjieff’s writings. He was an eclectic spiritual master originating from Russia, who commented that if you were unable to support at least a dozen people by your own efforts, you had to question your evolution as a conscious being. It’s a tough test - I still don’t pass it - but I know that on my way to being in that position, my evolution has been put through challenges that resulted in many self-realizations. It’s still happening. It's a wonderful life.

So as we move along this process together - I want you to start thinking more seriously, more realistically: what can you do?

I think I am still pretty neurotic as a person, but I have learnt to manage my neurosis in a constructive way. I don’t claim any great realizations, but I do know my hot, inspirational talk needs to be backed up with evidence on the ground. By numbers that speak to a real business being created. Not by feelings, but by numbers. Accurate thinking - that was last week’s theme. Are you getting it? Results matter.

Here’s what I have learnt through business: if you are not willing to take a risk, to jump from the known to the unknown – again and again – you will not evolve. Sound familiar? That’s why I think the sphere of building a financially successful Alexander Technique business is one of the best places for you to meet you. It will challenge you to question how you can deeply integrate Alexander's discoveries into your life. There are plenty of other paths to do this, sure, but this path brings pain relief and joy to innumerable people. It’s a life worth living.

Are you in or not? If you are - go now and join my mail list in the box on this blog page.

Joint Venture Apprentice Program (JVapp)
We are heading now into a situation where I am looking for a small group of people to invest in. Do you want to work with me closely to start building a business? Yes. Here’s the catch: Before I invest in you, you will invest in me. That’s your risk, and I won’t work with anyone who isn’t putting something on the line.

And I won’t guarantee that I will invest in your business at the end either, though I have the money and I want to do that. It will depend on you. I will promise that you have my full, unswerving commitment to you and your plan. All this energy I have now - it will be exclusively yours.

The Joint Venture Apprentice Program will be an paid program. It does not start till September and you can’t join even if money is no obstacle to you. It’s purpose is to build businesses - not just study - so the first step is to look at your business plan.

I will only take a small number of people, and only those whose plans I think I can realistically invest in. But I am getting ahead of my Self - JVapp does not start till September!

How To Build An Alexander Technique Business
What starts now is my new free, three month course: “Building An Alexander Technique Business.” Over May, June, July you get a chance to share your vision with us all: this is an Alexander Reality Show! But it will be behind closed doors. To come inside, you must be a member of my mail list. Details will not be published in my blog.

Behind closed doors, I will be spending my time commenting, re-designing, suggesting ideas to the plans that you submit, based on my 12 Point Plan. This is the Case Study on steroids. I will be explaining how you can prepare your plan over April. We will get started in May, 2013.

Starting in April, through my mailing list, I will be offering lots of instructions and advice on how you can go about preparing a realistic plan to transform your teaching practise, or how to build one. I will choose some of these plans to use in the course - giving you more and more real life examples of how you can smarten up your Alexander Technique business.

Out of this process, I will invite some of you to step up in the Joint Venture Apprentice Program in September. How many depends on the quality of your work. Personally, I don’t care it if it only one. That one could result in a million dollar business a few years down the track. Although the cost of Joint Venture Apprentice Program may seem high to you - the result that can come of it makes it’s cost negligible, even cheap. What would you pay to get a million dollar Alexander Technique business?

How Do You Join The Free “Building an Alexander Technique Business”?
That’s easy - just sign up for my mailing list. So far I have 86 of you lined up and ready to go for this course. No details will be posted to my blog. The information of this course will be contained, not readily available on the web any more. The course is still free, but the materials will be protected and unavailable in the public domain. This is partly to protect your ideas.

If you want to be in, join my mailing list now. You can be a non-teacher, a trainee or a teacher - it doesn’t matter. Join my mail list now on my blog above.

See you on the other side!

TOMORROW: Another Case Study! Who? You’ll see…

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STOP PRESS: I just got on email from a teacher concerned that she could not afford the $100,000 "franchise fee" I was going to charge you. THERE IS NO FRANCHISE FEE!!! It's the opposite. $100,000 is the amount of money BodyChance could invest in YOU, if your plan is picked up. As I wrote to the teacher "...funny how we see big numbers."

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