Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 5 – WorkStep Two: Niches for BodyChance’s BCLA studio

TO-DAY: Delivering BodyChance’s Niched Teaching Style in LA

Yesterday I was writing that BodyChance has a differentiated style of teaching Alexander Technique - like, new software for the human brain, Alexander Technique Version 3.1 (if you get the joke). So to avoid confusion, BodyChance will enter the Alexander Technique niche market in USA as a new service product; as another modality.

Don Weed’s ITM movement in Europe or David Gorman’s Learning Methods in Portland, USA are other examples of repositioned Alexander Technique: living outside the framework of the Affiliated Societies and ATI. BodyChance is situated in that space. It clearly educates, certifies and continues licensing it’s own BodyChance teachers. That is a niche carved out, then developed from, the already existing Alexander Technique market. Stephen Shaw and Peter Grunwald are doing the same thing with Shaw Method and EyeBody.

What are you considering for your niche in your 12 point plan? Are you positioning as a new Brand? Your choice of niche pivots on your available resources - take your Self through my questions in your own niche…

What are the Niches for BodyChance in LA?
This is Hollywood - what do people worry about the most? How they look, how they look to other people. Sharon Jakubecy is clearly niching her Self to that market - and she is doing very well. There is still plenty of room left for BodyChance aka Brett Hershey. Is Brett interested in that?

Success in a niche today depends upon a sharp message-to-market match, communicated effectively through Social Media by a clearly identified personality with strong affinities to the niche. This is a long term strategy, which builds credibility, authority and eventually celebrity. Celebrity is created and sustained by a wealth-creating list of followers, but who do they follow?

Every niche needs a personality at its helm.
Brett Hershey, as Director of BCLA Basic (ATv3.1 for the public), needs his own following - what will his niche be? Looking at his current career - Brett has done the impossible. He has built an Alexander Technique niched practise, wow! He has been multi-niching his work as fast as he can meet people to sell it too.

In Japan, BodyChance actively promotes Alexander Technique through developing relationships with media (to encourage articles, radio & TV interviews, stage joint events, offer prizes etc.) and other businesses and organizations (sending BodyChance teachers to teach). This work lifts the profile of “Alexander Technique” itself, and all Alexander Technique teachers benefit, not just BodyChance – it has happened in Tokyo.

What Other Niches Does BCLA need?
Brett is talking with other teachers in LA now about this project. What we are looking for are flexible-minded teachers, with a clear passion in some niche (music, dance, golf, pain relief), willing to re-tool themselves if necessary to start a new career with BodyChance. Talk to Brett about it…

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