Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 3 – Working My Success Drivers Step One.

Starting A New AT Business in Los Angeles To Make Money

Just finished my session with Paul Lemberg, my strategic business advisor, and have a whole lot of homework from him to go about setting up the new BodyChance in LA. A lot of it was about money. Of course – would you expect any less from me?

Money is my success driver folks. I vision my two kids at Stowe School in Buckingham in 2015, and I seek for the means to realize this dream. It will cost me $300,000 annually. So I have to find that income from my business by 2015. That is the reason I concluded, that to increase my income, I must increase the number of studios BodyChance runs. Incomes grows by increments in this way.  

Another way of expressing it is to say the revenue of BodyChance will grow from one million a year to 10 million a year. How do I do that? By increasing the number of BodyChance studios around the world.

I can pull $100,000 off each BodyChance studio – once it has matured of course – so it means I need to “mature” two additional BodyChance Studios by 2015. LA and Brazil – who knows? There’s money in LA, is there money in Brazil too? Watch this space…

Maturing two studios in two years is a challenge I have not undertaken before. However, if BodyChance’s financial model is going to be convincing to investors, it must mature early, and give a good interest return, above 10% for example. These are the subjects Paul and I discussed.

So here I am: now you are looking at me doing it. Therefore, I thirst for putting into action as many of the ideas I have, with the resources I have to fulfill them. As my resources increase, so does my excitement in creating new means to plough the wealth back in pursuit of more wealth so that I can send my two girls to school in England, and a lot more besides.

Why focus on just the wealth? First, because the passion is a given. No need to focus on that – it’s who I am. Therefore – focus on the wealth creation. Because, where there is wealth, there are people supplying it. People spending it on BodyChance’s Alexander Technique v3.1 Service Products.

I Will Be Spending My Money in LA!
To ensure I secure a temporary H2 Business visa, I need to show I have invested my money in America, employ Americans, and have a growing business in America. Once I demonstrate that, I can work. It solves one problem – now I must definitely invest my money (what little of it I have!) in setting up the LA Studio.

So I am willing to bet my money on Brett. Right now, with a new relationship and two 5 year olds to manage, Brett seeks financial security, because with security he finds a freedom to fly. I totally get it. I always work intuitively with people – Brett was a match from the start. So now Brett is visiting Japan: to work with Cathy Madden, a shaper of BodyChance’s Service and School Curriculum, to join in our annual Golden Week retreat with a 100 of us gathered together for a five day celebration of who we are and what we do.

If you are interested to come, let me know…

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