Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 2 – How To Prepare Your 12 Point Plan To Join My Next Free Course

Right now I am building a new website for my next course “Building a Real Alexander Technique Business.” My idea is that you join the course by submitting an application showing that you read and understand the 12 steps. I am not charging money for this next course, but I am asking for a commitment from you.

You will write about your current practise, or you can write about what you want your practise to become – both are OK. From all the applicants, I will be selecting some to become Case Studies for the new course. I know that some of you do not want your ideas out there in the public domain, so I will be holding my course behind closed doors.

If this all sounds too grand for you, just think of it as revving up your practise a few notches. Writing a short one page analysis of your current practise, based on my 12 steps, then adding to that any ideas you have to build it up. The point is to see the unity of what you are doing – not just how you teach in a lesson, but how you teach others about that lesson.

To join me in this next course, sign up for my mail list using the box on my blog page at the top, right. I will be letting you know the link for the application, and other necessary steps for getting you signed into the new website. So if you haven’t already, join my mail list now.

How Will This Work For BCLA
BCLA stands for BodyChance Los Angeles. I am currently working with Brett Hershey and others to put together a plan for creating a studio in LA. Over the next four weeks, I will be building up the plan before your very eyes. I will note, as I write, how each aspect of the plan relates to my 12 steps – this will help you as you start working on your own plan.

Think about your ideas now. What do you want to do? What will your plan be? Don’t go past your own evolution – stretch your Self, but don’t snap the string! Being appropriate to a person’s development and understanding is what good teaching looks like – why would you treat your Self any different from the people you teach?

Your marketing is an extension of your teaching skills. It is all about communication – hearing your student, understanding them, speaking to their needs in a way that is effective for them, and moves them to take action.

Learning how you communicate to convince a person to study with you is like stretching your first lesson out over several months. As a teacher – forget marketing and sales – this will stretch and challenge you in ways that can only improve your teaching.

So from tomorrow I will be talking about my own project, and suggesting ways that you can start working on yours…

TOMORROW: Starting A New Business in Los Angeles.

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