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W03.06 Case Studies: Jennifer Mackerras in Bristol, United Kingdom. Part Two

In yesterdays blog I wrote about a need for more focus by Jennifer on her niche. Today I look at ways this can be leveraged to create a mass following of fans and happy students…

Step 5 – Your Team
Jennifer learns from a lot of people, has a financial coach, but could use a person to bounce business ideas with. There are plenty people who love doing that sort of thing - go find them. In terms of what she wants to become - look around. Who is doing that in another field? How are they doing that? Learning by observing and copying others is another way to mentor your Self…

Step 6 – Building Your List…
On the top page she offers “free tips” to sign up, but a compelling offer of “Step One Crisis Materials” based on the whole focus of the website would likely attract more people to sign up.
On her blog page, Jennifer has a sign-up but asks for a lot of information - it may be a deliberate “pre-qualifying”  step one of her mentors recommended (?) but research shows that every new box a person has to fill out, diminishes the number of sign-ups you get. Better to grab just first name and email, then later make an offer of a free download that requires them to enter their last name. It’s good to gather the data, but do it in steps.

Step 7 – Telling Your Story…
Rather than just offering her latest blog, I suggest Jennifer write a compelling series of automatically delivered emails (called auto-responders) that tell her story in all it’s raw detail. Jennifer’s story is niched to those “creatives” that seek help from her - NO ONE ELSE! Too often I used to try to please people who had no business reading my story. It’s a mistake easily made - wanting to have a little bit for everyone - but when you are focusing on a niche clearly, let the non-relevant people be bored or pissed off. It can actually be a sign that you are doing something right.

Next, when the story is told, put a version of it on the top page and go for her niche without equivocation. It can be done via a new website if Jennifer doesn’t want to disrupt her current, working strategy. I am all for that. As I wrote - she is doing great. This is a next level thing.

Step 8 – Back-End Business
I personally know that two ideas Jennifer mentioned in Service Products can succeed if she wants to go there: a Stage Fright Course. BodyChance regularly runs a one day workshop on that for Musicians; and a Books Course for her long term students, or anyone - why not? BodyChance recently enrolled our 100th person in our Internet Books Course. It is not really a back-end business, but it’s a start. The back-end comes after establishing her self as the go-to-girl for performers in crisis. She could delegate some of her skills to other non-AT teachers in Universities, music schools etc. She sets her self up as the coach for these people, enhancing her own reputation and building a national identity.

Step 9 – Undoing Stories
I am sure Jennifer has experienced desperation, but she hides that from us a little. The word “lack” appears twice, along with “fear of failure” and that’s the story of me, and you. I had two projects this year that were disastrous. I fell flat on my face. I got depressed, and started to beat myself up. Jennifer’s solution for this is more “accountability” but that feels to me like another way to do a beat up… I found someone to help me. One of my worst moments last year I blogged in real time one morning: “Building Up You.” So essential.

Step 10 – Launching Marketing & Sales Funnel
This goes with the list building advice above, the development of a service product, the connecting with the desperate. At the end of the auto-responders, Jennifer could offer a service product with many different learning elements: online work, lessons, groups, Skype check-ins. workbook - a package that becomes a sure fire way she can deliver on her promise to get you back into performing. Her auto-responders could offer a first consultation which is costly (are they motivated or not?) but would be incorporated if they elect to sign up.

Step 11 – Becoming an Authority
Back in Alexander’s day, before FM appeared on the London scene, Elsie Fogerty was the go to girl for actors with voice problems. Who is that person in United Kingdom today? Why not Jennifer Mackerras? There’s no reason - she has already proved she can do it.

Once she becomes an emerging Authority - by self-declaration - she could be attracting people to Bristol from all over England, even Europe. Why not? All performers travel - it’s their habit, so it’s not asking much of them to come to her in Bristol. Add to that: desperate people will do desperate things. Alternatively, if she likes to travel, the invitations may come from other places. To establish this kind of authority, she will need to enlist the help of others…

Step 12 – Finding Partners
Her first partners are her transformed students. Where’s the proof she can do what she claims? It is a fact that consumers give far more weight to what your students say about you, than to what you say about you. I want to see these EVERYWHERE on her website. For those Alexander Technique teachers who have trouble marketing their skills - let your students do it for you. They will do it better than you ever can.

The second partner she could enlist are famous performers who were transformed by Alexander Technique. Has anyone put these stories into a book? When you’ve got Sting, Paul McCartney and Keanu Reeves on the cover of your book - you become an Authority by association. Of course - that is a different kind of career building, and a massive project to undertake, but if Jennifer can pull it off, you will be reading the review of her book in The Guardian, no question.

Go Jenny! (from another Aussie)

TOMORROW: Jean-Paul Watkins’ response to his Case History of last week.
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