Tuesday, January 01, 2013

W01.01 January 1st - Welcome to Day 1 of Jeremy’s Free 3 Month Workshop!

I am on holidays now with my kids, wondering how I can help you for the coming year. So I grabbed some time off by sending the kids searching for manga (comics) at the Bookoff shop across the river, while I settled down in Starbucks in Kyoto to let you know my new blog plan - you are going to love it…

I will work the 12 steps with you. (Does someone out there get my joke?) Yes, I will go through my 12 step plan to financial success as an Alexander Technique teacher - taking one week with each step. This will help me produce the content for my new course in Japan from April, 2013. You are the lucky beneficiaries of my effort!

Please help me do this by writing to me - tell me your story, using the 12 steps as a guide:

  1. why you are doing this?
  2. what is your niche?
  3. where do you practise from?
  4. describe your service product…
  5. who are your mentors?
  6. url of your website (or explain why you don’t have one?)
  7. are you writing?
  8. what is/could be your back-end business?
  9. what is frustrating you?
  10. how are you marketing and selling to people now?
  11. what’s the upside of your personality?
  12. who else could you work with?

Every week I use one blog to illustrate the 12 steps in one person’s situation as I did with Jonathon before the holiday break. I will try to choose people who illustrate most clearly the step we are working that week.

Please email me your story to jeremy@bodychance.jp. I already have a few people that I have starting working with - why not include your self on that list? I will close the door on this free offer once I have enough material, so get your Self off to a coffee shop soon…

Grab me while I am still free!

Tomorrow: One thing that Tibetan Buddhists and Madison Ave Advertising Executives agree on…

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  1. Really interested, Jeremy - thank you. Something to look at in the morning when I get back from family stuff. Could you possibly clarify 'back-end business' to me though? I realise that, despite it being a familiar phrase, now it comes to it, I'm unable to truly nail it!


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