Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Makes Us Some Of The Luckiest People On The Planet Today? 9th Letter to BodyChance Students

These are my letters to students in Japan who seek a career as a BodyChance teacher of Alexander Technique.


SUBJECT: What Makes Us Some Of The Luckiest People On The Planet Today?

Dear Seito-san,

Today was a funny day.

I kept thinking about what to write. I thought of many different things, but none seemed to reflect my true state of mind. Slowly what emerged was my understanding, again, that who I am being is what I think, it is what I gain. There is nothing else, only that.

I have been writing these last weeks about career success, about money, about having a mission and taking Alexander's Discoveries to the world in a way that first serves you, as that is the way to serve others. I personally have succeeded in doing this. One reason I have so much time to be thinking these cloudy thoughts is that I have people, great people, who are busy running my business while I wonder what to write today.

I don’t work in my business, I work on my business. How about you? How is your life now? Do you get any time to work on your life, rather than just be in your life? This is so important. Reading what I write is a moment like that. A moment to say “Hey – what am I doing? Where do I want to go? What do I really want?”

How much are you able to do that? How much do you do that? I can’t begin to emphasis how critical that is to your success. Running from one thing to another, without zooming out to a temporal panoramic of your needs and strategies, is akin to a hamster running in a wheel – working hard and getting no where.

So on this day, this puzzling day, I have so much to celebrate: I have time to wonder, time to write, time to think again about my plan, my direction, my wishes. How lucky I am. And you: this is the greatest gift you have to give you, and if you haven’t given it – start today.

I plan “retreats” in my life. It’s a time when I consciously decide to be alone for a week. I go with intentions and questions and I give me time with me. Each occasion I do this, I accelerate towards a clarity and purpose that serves me better.

And I when I serve me, I serve you.

Make it happen. You deserve it.

Give you to you.

with love


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