Monday, November 05, 2012

About The Training Course You Did Not Know You Just Joined: 1st Letter To BodyChance Students

I started my BodyChance career after 36 years in the work – it is never too late to start over, just make a decision against the habit of your life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Over the next month, I will intermittently blog a series of letters going out to BodyChance students in Japan – around a hundred people still in training. You can capture what it is like to study at BodyChance, and benefit from a free business education.

As you follow my letters, imagine I am writing to you. Imagine you are just starting out. What would that look like? Make a creative thought experiment with me…

Letter To BodyChance Students – Your Journey 

SUBJECT: About The Training Course You Did Not Know You Just Joined!

Dear Seito-san,

Welcome to BodyChance.

My guess it that you are personally fascinated by Alexander's Discoveries. You have been really surprised by the experiences you have had, and love the ideas that go along with them. Sessions have helped you relieve pain, improved your skills and caused you to think deeply about all kinds of different subjects: from how joints and muscles work right through to how your beliefs create mental stress.

At some point your decided you wanted to study this work more deeply. What is this thing called Alexander Technique?! You were then attracted to BodyChance ProCourse - our Alexander Technique Teacher Education – and now you are a student.

My guess is that joining ProCourse was a huge decision for you: a major time and money commitment that needed careful consideration. The quickest you can get your BodyChance Diploma is four years; the cheapest it will cost you is ¥3,763,875 or one million yen annually, once you add in associated costs. (That’s around $USD12,500 annually or nearly $50,000 over 4 years = a college level education.)

What will you end up with for such a colossal time and money commitment? I think it’s a good question to ask, because I know many people feel cheated that they could not make a career in Alexander Technique, even though they had such a devoted and determined wish to succeed.

Do you want to finish your education at BodyChance by realizing that you still can not afford to leave your company or part-time job? Do you want find your self in big debt, with no way to repay it? Do you want to graduate desperately needing to find pupils, yet having no clue how to go about it?

I don’t think anyone wants that kind of result. So here’s my strong advice: you must, I say must, start planning your Alexander Technique teaching career NOW!!! You are so lucky, you have four years to prepare. If you follow the advice I give you, I can promise you will graduate into a busy practice. But you must start now, there is little time to spare.

From today, I am going to write a series of letters that describe how you can make your investment pay off. If you follow my advice, it is possible:

-       to meaningful impact individuals of your choice
-       to generate an income that can support you and your family
-       to launch your self into a new career, a new life, a new possibility.

Does that sound attractive to you? If it does, then hold on to your chair because what I am going to write next may give you a little shock…

You are now a business person. When you joined BodyChance to become a teacher, you also made the decision to become a business owner. You may not have realized that, but this letter is your reality update.

One day you will be running your own business. Not your self-image? Well, it needs to become your self image. This is the reality. This is how it is. Between today and when I will write again, please play this game with your Self: project that you are as a business owner! What does like look like? What objections come up in your mind? Please write to me about this process, so I can get into a dialogue with you about it...


Jeremy Chance
BodyChance Education Director.

PS On December 9th, I am launching a business course for 12 lucky students – I keep it small so I can personally coach each participant . ProGold gives you the tools to use developing a successful career. We already have 5 people booked in, so as you read my letters, consider if you want to join this dedicated group.

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