Friday, November 09, 2012

One Thing You Thought You Needed That You Can Do Without: 5th Letter to BodyChance Students

Imagine you are a bright eyed, idealistic student of Alexander Technique, hungry to find a way to teach the masses more about these wonderful discoveries. If you are, then I have some startling news for you in my 5th letter to BodyChance students in Japan…

SUBJECT: One Thing You Thought You Needed That You Can Do Without!

Dear Seito-san,

1% of Americans decided this month’s presidential election result, but what a critical 1%!

Markets behave in the same way – your top 1% is critical to your overall success, but how you get to that 1%, how hard you need to work to reach it, is a 2 billion dollar lesson from the election of Barack Obama for a final term in office.

What does this mean for teachers of Alexander Technique?

Most teachers do not leverage that 1%. They never even get to meet them. They never find out that in that 1% they can, finally, find a source of income that will assure their career success, both pedagogically and financially, together with a comfortable retirement. That 1% is the cream, it is the end-of-the-road reward for the long distance traveller; it is the joyful culmination of conscious plan enacted years earlier.

You are at the start of that conscious plan.

Your plan first involves recognition of some three simple facts: you are starting a small business, your product needs to be something people want to buy, and you are currently in the product development stage of your new service.

So what service will you develop while you are being educated at BodyChance?

For people who joined our Teacher Education with a skill already in place, there is no difficulty with this question. Singers can teach singing, musicians: music, runners: running etc. Your product (or service) is already clear. What you need to do is keep exploring your skill in class, making voluminous blog posts and E-seminars about your learning to slowly build a market following while you are still studying at BodyChance.

But what if you don’t have a clear skill to which you can apply Alexander's Discoveries?

I know a lot of you are floundering on the wet shore, desperate for some insight in what you could do. What market or niche do you aim for? The problem is: you don’t have another career, or a hobby or any clearly defined interest that you could later sell to others. All you have is your deep interest in Alexander Technique, but you keep hearing from me that this is not enough to assure your career success.

What to do?

Well, take a look at Alexander Technique teacher Roy Palmer. He teaches golfers. He has written many articles, even a book – Golf Sense – has a website and my guess is doing reasonable well in that market. Now here’s the thing: Roy doesn’t play golf. He’s not a golfer. Yes, you read that right. What’s the lesson here?

You do not need to be an expert at what your market does, to be an expert in your market.

Can you see that your possibilities have just opened up by an infinite factor? You are the only limit of you, not the market. So… do you love something? Sports? Bushwalking? Fitness? Performers? Perhaps you didn’t realize that as a spectator of something you love, you are pre-qualified to become an Alexander Technique based expert in that very field.

If you start now, and take it into your BodyChance sessions, and start locating and communicating with your market, one day you will reach the elite 1%. You become the elite in your market. And once you achieve that, you are an expert for life in that profession, virtually guaranteeing you a stream of students for as long as you are willing to teach them, at a fee a you are willing to charge them, doing anything that you can imagine would work.

Are you ready yet?



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