Friday, November 30, 2012

4. Building Up You Is How You Build An Alexander Technique Business

I woke this morning anxious and depressed - ever happened to you? (5.47am)

I don’t know what to do, so I just lie there thinking. Eventually I Skype my daughter, but she is unhappy and in my current state, I don’t know how to help her. (6.32am)

Depression is common, but it is a brake on success. In my case, the success I have is not enough, because I am not achieving what I set out to achieve, so I start weighing down (get the connection?) on my Self: recriminating, viewing my Self through a prism of failure and incompetence.

How in any way whatsoever can that help me build my Alexander Technique business? Only by coming to terms with the self-hate that drives all depression. How do I do that? Wait. Now I stop writing (it is 7.20am) and figure out a way…

First - my room was messy (my mind is messy) so I cleaned it. I put the clothes away, washed the dishes, created an environment around me that spoke back positively about me. (7.31am)

I sat down quietly with my Self and listened. Eventually I found a voice - desperate, pleading, telling me “I can’t do it. I can’t do it.” Oh so there it is. And I wondered about that. What’s my reality right now? If I use Alexander's discoveries, I can ask the question: what are my conditions of use right now? In that question, I include my whole life. And my whole life is good. I can do it, I am doing it. Suddenly, when I gave my Self that information, I felt much, much happier. Now I need more nourishment. I will eat…(8.11am).

While I eat I watch my teacher on YouTube. Now I look for inspiration, I look for guidance. I find it - first in tears (no surprise to me) then in understanding: I see my situation - once depressing me - as a wonderful opportunity to apply my creativity, my awareness, my ability to seek and receive support. It is what it is, and it will only change when I change. So make a plan - what constructive action can I take to move the situation that had been troubling me? (8.41am)

Now I have a plan - 8 steps, 6 of them today, another two that lead on to further actions. Actions bring inspiration, inspiration brings action. When in a depressed state - move. Move into action, seek inspiration, undo the beliefs that won’t have you being as magnificent as you truly are. Today will be a wonderful day - I feel hopeful, happy and ready to meet new challenges that put me on the learning edge of being me. (8.54am)


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