Wednesday, December 05, 2012

7. The Invisible Agent That Suppresses Your Ability To Write!

“I can’t write.”

Do you say that? Or say something similar: “I am not good at writing” or “Other people write better than me” or “People don’t like what I write” or “I don’t have a talent for writing.” Take your pick, or make a up a new sentence, but the question you want to ask is the same…

What is stopping you?

To support answering that question, you first need to realize how beneficial writing will be for your career. We are witnesses to the Information Revolution: part of a massive shift in how humans collect information, communicate and make decisions. Back in the day Alexander was starting his teaching career, they didn’t even have telephones!

Today I can’t even list all the ways you can reach people - it is mind boggling. But most of these rely on words - whether written or spoken. Everyone goes for pretty (websites, flyers, brochures etc.) but pretty doesn’t sell. Words sell, images don’t. This is a topic for another blog post - and I will one day - but today I have two simple messages for you:

1.     Realize you need to write, because most successful people do!
(speeches, interviews, articles, flyers, websites, letters, E-mags etc.)
2.     Face what blocks your writing, because until you do, you won’t write!
(I can’t, I won’t, I don’t know how etc.)

Your beliefs about you stop you writing, not your lack of ability. Anyone who becomes interested in Alexander Technique is a person interested in their own self-development and welfare. That’s you: intelligent, curious, seeking answers. Exactly the qualities a writer needs - you already have them! You only need to deal with those beliefs that would stop you writing.

Writing for communication with your niche is more of a science than an art. There are plenty of materials available - as you keep reading my blog, I will start referring you to different concepts I have found valuable for this kind of work.

But before anything else - please start writing! (At home - to your Self) Then you write again. (Go public, FaceBook is safe) Then again. (Decide to post every day) Again you write. (Slowly you get better). Then again you write. Get it?

It is simple. Undo the beliefs that suppress your ability, and what’s left is a magnificent human being able to communicate effectively with others. You are that person, even if you don’t believe it yet.


  1. Great topic Jerry. After experiencing a bad run with submitted articles in 2004 at Direction I decided to begin interviewing people and writing the articles myself. The pressure on me to create literary works of art reduced as I was reproducing other experts' words and it was lots of fun!

    So for anyone who thinks they cannot write, interview those who can...or interview people you respect. By joining their comments together into articles you are not relying entirely on your own abilities, in effect you're sharing the load with others.

    How you produce so much Jerry still astounds me though...

  2. Thanks Paul - love your strategy for DIRECTION, worth a blog post just for that. Lots of people can lift their game with that one simple strategy!


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