Sunday, December 02, 2012

6. What Is The Hidden Force That Is So Obvious No One Sees It How It Builds Your Alexander Business.

You’ve all heard of Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 moon walk  - but how many of you remember Saturn V? When Apollo 11 shot off towards the moon, where was the power for that momentous achievement? It came from Saturn V. Usually the answer is: it came from technology. However, Armstrong and Aldrin both sat in a tiny Apollo cabin on top of the huge Saturn V. We give credit to the thinkers, the strategists, the conceptualists, but not the muscle. We forget about Saturn V: the rocket.

Where would Apollo 11 be without the rocket? Although it is hugely obvious, it manages to stay hidden - in much the same way that our unconscious beliefs stay hidden as the forces powering our life. We think about Saturn V - oh, it’s just a big, dumb, rocket that blasted Apollo off the earth. And we are similarly dismissive of our unconscious: oh sure, it keeps my heart going, helps me breath, blah, blah, blah.

But wait a minute…

If you were starting a new business - what would you want the most? The ability to blast yourself into the space of huge success, or a whole bunch of strategies and ideas about how you could do that? Many people spend their time thinking about succeeding at a business, only a few actually do it. Which one do you want to be?

When you start thinking about how you could change your life, consider the question: what is my rocket? The rocket is fueled by your unconscious core beliefs. Neuro-science, cognitive therapy and psychotherapy are slowly converging into one simple conclusion - core beliefs shape the way you behave. Considering how essential core beliefs are to your success, it’s a question worth investigation.

But how do you find your core beleifs? You don’t need to because they are talking to you all the time. This is what is so perfect about you - your unconscious is saying, loudly so, what you need to do. However, you reject this information as “negative” or “disruptive” and try to get rid of it by doing anything - drinking, eating, sexing, gambling. Anything that would stop you listening…

This morning I was lonely, or so I felt. It was not a thought - it did not appear that way - just an underlying feeling prevailing everything I was doing. How can a sad feeling of loneliness be a positive message of support? Simple - it was telling me I am not well. This feeling was no different from a physical symptom telling me to go to the doctor…

I found a core belief: “I am alone.” I embraced that fully and cried. Then I questioned it - how true is that core belief? I wondered - am I alone? In 30 minutes I have a class to teach. 12 people are turning up because they want to learn from me. If I don’t show, my phone will ring, people will knock on my door, there will be conversations and emails and a lot of fuss. As I reflected on this, I felt people around me. I am alone? There wasn’t much evidence for it!

When I changed my core belief to: “I have so many people who love me…” suddenly I am full of energy and promise. My step bounces, I look forward to the day. I start to plan and imagine all the things I can do, the happy faces I will see. Life is exciting and full of possibility. That is the power of core beliefs - that is my rocket! And your rocket too…

The world is made better by people who dream, then power up their rockets of belief to propel them into making the world a better place.


  1. I just took a fascinating test claiming to measure my "Conative Index." (via Kathy Kolbe's work.) This is supposed to be why someone is emotionally motivated to do a job in a certain way. Match the job with the motivation and you have unlimited drive that is well-expressed, no absenteeism, and many other benefits.
    In this test, people are a mixture of four different types of motivating strategies: Implementer, Quick-start, Follow-Thru or Fact Finder.
    (If you don't have the money to get the results of the adult test, there's a test for youngsters that costs only $10.)
    (It's no surprise that I'm high in Quick-Start and mid-range in all three others.)

  2. Thanks for heads up on that Franis - it goes on my list! Each one of these topics can be its own niche I think. Being a motivational speaker is a career too.


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