Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dark days tinged with disappointment and despair have delivered determination unto my decisions...

Ambition has yielded to sobriety, and this creature understands better that balance is a function of intelligence.

BodyChance, that creature of my minds' imagination, absurdly flutters out from my 5 senses, faint projections on unsuspecting bases: which side is real - the base, or my projection upon that base?

The lives of those living in Sydney will continue on whatever I do. And yet, some lives are lived differently by way of my projections, while others remain as indifferent as the stars.

How quickly do I want to proceed? Always in a hurry. Be afraid of death, be afraid. Now, not later when it comes, but now. Then you are ready.

So I hurry. Then I stumble and fall - a broken arm, an eye falling out. Vision lost. My right hand is gone. Is this the way?

Clarity is power.

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