Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature is Kind

Been busy, as you can imagine, reliving again in Japan.

Many messages have gone out - not all posted here. However I am posting tomorrow's message to those on our list in Japan.

I slowly evolving my own understanding of the work, and how it can be used to support people undoing the stress they give themselves over the events of the last few weeks...


Once upon a time a lone lady in a kimono
waited by the edge of a river.
She needed to cross the river,
but could not get her self wet.

Not long after, two monks came along,
so she pleaded to be carried across the river.
The tall monk agreed, and carried her
across the river on his back.
The shorter monk was shocked
by his companion's action,
and silently fumed for one hour
after the woman had left.
Finally, he could contain himself no longer:

"You were wrong"
he blurted out to the taller monk
"It is forbidden to touch a woman,
but you did even more!
You carried her across the river!!"

The taller monk smiled compassionately.
He looked at the shorter monk and said:

"My dear monk - I carried the woman
for just 5 minutes whereas you have been
carrying the woman for over an hour."


Nature is much kinder than our own minds.

Unless you lived through the tsunami,
most people only directly experienced the big earthquake.
And the earthquake lasted only a few minutes
- that is all. But the stress has been going
on ever since. It is not the earthquake itself that stresses us,
it is the thoughts we have about it that stress us.

Like the short monk who fumed for one hour
about the five minutes his taller companion
carried the woman over the river,
our minds tend to replay the earthquake
like a YouTube clip over and over again.

It is understandable that we would do that.
It is human nature to do that.
I am not in judgement of that.
I am not writing that this is wrong.
I am only pointing out that we create
the stress we feel, not nature.
Nature is much kinder - it only scared us directly for a few minutes.
Ever since then, we have only been scaring ourself.

BodyChance is known as the undoing school.
It is the place where we learn how to undo
those things that cause us pain.
Usually at BodyChance we focus
on things like katakori, or back pain.

But on this Friday April 1st,
with the whole new BodyChance team of teachers,
we will focus on undoing the stress of the earthquake.
Not just the earthquake,
but any of the events after it
that are still causing distress in your daily life.

Undoing is a process of seeing the truth.
It is a process of directly knowing
how I am inflicting harm upon myself.

On April 1st I am offering you a unique opportunity.
Come not to learn something new,
but to unlearn something old.

Come not to do new techniques,
but to undo the unnecessary techniques.

If you want help with your current situation
reply to this email and tell us you will come.

I look forward to meeting you then.


BC Education Director.

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