Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biccy Budget Slashed, But ProCourse Continues

I flew in my dreams last night, in the last quarter of the night when the Dalai Lama says the meaning is most significant. I am on my back, looking up at trees and I can power myself, I can move miraculously across the tips of grass blades, in a field where a white cow is flying over fences designed to constrain him, staying ahead of the black cow in pursuit.

Yes, the Biccy Budget (for buying Arnotts Assorted Cream Biscuits) has been slashed, but our Sydney ProCourse continues. Three people dropped out, after only three weekends. I could be depressed, but I am past that now. I've done dark. We still have four members, so the tide is out. Whatever.

Instead, I march my faithful four down to Darling Harbour, with a fistful of flyers each, to watch as I cajole, terrify, entertain and lure whoever will listen to my declamation: "You can win $50 dollars today!" (And I snap the yellow note between my fingers, hold it high above my head amongst the glistening harbour water) "And the reason you have bad backs is the same reason you can't win this $50 dollars!" (…as an amused group of sunglasses ladies, hungrily holding ice creams in hand, park in front of this odd man in the afternoon sun) "And to win this $50 all you have to do is stand up from the stool without moving your head about."

"I'll do it" pips a little creature somewhere below my knees.

Quickly I think (they could win it) "But you need to have a bad back."

Soon they have one, and clamour again for a chance to win. More people stop, amusement is building - what is going on here?

"Will you take a flyer?" my students ask. Some will, some won't, some hand it back saying "Save a tree."

Than a rangers is there - I register on the video at the Central Office of the Sydney Foreshore Harbour Authority. "You have to stop" says the ranger "You don't have a license." Ah, a license.

So we stop. My students are excited. They enjoyed this little school excursion. We learned so much today - what interests people in this work? What kind of explanations kept them listening? What kind of explanations did not. Who stopped, and why.

Some of you who follow this blog may be expecting the next instalment of the structure of a BodyChance workshop. Well this was it today - creativity, moving out of the box, doing the undoable. That was today's lesson.

And it was fun. I wonder if the cow will fly tonight?

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